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Physician Assistant Education Association

About the Project

PAEA’s entrance includes a level 5, black wall with an illuminated bottom reveal, complimented by backlit signage and ceramic tile flooring. The ceiling above the wall is a drywall ceiling bookended by open exposed ceilings on each side. In order to use the most natural light, offices are placed along the perimeter of the building with open collaborative areas in the center. The use of modern fold operable partitions allow the collaborative spaces to be transformed, giving the users a flexible space to meet any number of needs. PAEA’s space utilizes the exposed ceilings to contribute to the open feel of the work environment. Not only do the ceilings provide an open feel, but when combined with exposed columns, the true character of the building peeks through. The raw feel of the base building truly comes through in the lounge and pantry areas, where reclaimed brick is complimented by modern cabinets and stone countertops. In order to keep the pantry feeling as spacious as the rest of the office, there is a mix of banquets and high top tables. Due to the amount of hard surfaces in the space, colorful Filtz Felt acoustical panels were placed along the ceiling to keep the noise level comfortable. Lastly, a custom wood frame chalk board was created to encourage social activity, whether it be for work or teambuilding.

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Washington D.C.

Property Management

Fletcher Consulting

Square Footage

7,230 Sf


9 Weeks