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80 M Street

About the Project

The design’s primary goal was to create a unified, inviting space from the building’s segmented main floor, seamlessly integrating its inverted, L-shaped atrium and lobby with a large exterior terrace, and then incorporating abundant amenity functionalities. Working creatively within the structural slab, the team modified the interior construction to utilize unused space and capitalize on transparent elements.  A former dividing wall was removed and replaced with a new brick veneer wall that provides permeable separation between lobby and tenant lounge, once an unused atrium. Two custom-millwork metal and wood bars set into the new wall create a hang-out to rival the neighborhood’s trendiest hot spots, complete with shelving, bar fridges, and kitchenette, while modern furnishings in communal setups encourage socializing and meetings outside the office.  Double-sided, mirrored and custom-aged glass behind the shelving offers privacy in the bar area and the illusion of visibility into the lobby, and metal transitions installed at the brick veneer connection point resemble structural metal.

The result is a hip, high-functioning lobby and lounge combination, with ample space for collaboration and recreation.  Transparency and connection continue onto the building’s large, covered front terrace by means of the perimeter structural glass system wall and 17’x12′ operable glass garage door.  80 M can now literally open its front door to the community, sharing open-air relaxation for those sitting inside while welcoming passerby.  Patio seating further invites engagement with the neighborhood while protecting tenants from the elements and busy main street, carefully positioned custom side planter directs cross-pattern pedestrian traffic around the seating area.


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80 M Street


Washington D.C.

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