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The Environ Project began with a full demolition of the former tenant suites and build back of the multi-tenant occupied floor. Luckily, the prior tenant’s light fixtures were able to be saved, thus allotting more money to be spent throughout the rest of the project. Full height exterior windows combined with crisp, clean materials allowed the space to feel more light and open, as well as made the North and South executive offices feel much more spacious. This aesthetic continues into the glass walled conference rooms, which feature acoustical ceiling tiles to help limit excess noise while still allowing the speaker’s voice to be heard clearly across the room. To top off the space, the pantry and adjoining seating areas were overhauled and now feature glass entry walls, laminate upper and lower cabinets, solid surface counters, resilient flooring, and even brand new appliances. Finally, a LAN room was constructed in order to house supplemental electrical panels as well as telephone and data appliances, thus keeping unsightly yet vital equipment out-of-sight and stored safely.

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Arlington, VA

Property Management

Cushman & Wakefield

Square Footage

8,177 Sf