About the Project

FiscalNote provides a proprietary digital platform from which organizations can manage their relationships with all levels of government. OTJ and DFS Construction were selected by FiscalNote to design and construct new offices that would promote this fast growing company’s mission and empower leadership to meet critical human and operational objectives.

Our team engaged FiscalNote’s leadership in a multi-step discovery phase that yielded unprecedented insight into work styles and spatial requirements – both current and projected. We concluded that in order to afford the greatest return on investment, the new FiscalNote workplace should accommodate for rapid growth while drawing staff together into a cohesive, open space, complete with carefully considered environmental branding.

The new FiscalNote offices transition nearly all employees to an open benching system. Visual connectivity emerged as a key consideration and the design incorporates glass throughout to maximize sightlines and daylight penetration. The design also enhances communication by increasing the square footage assigned to collaborative spaces.

From project inception, our team bore a mandate at the forefront of their thinking: create a buzz. FiscalNote’s CEO envisioned a space that would be equally memorable to the staff as it is to clients. A striking raised wooden terrace was proposed; a concept that serves as both a natural accent to the open layout and invites staff to exchange ideas in an informal setting. Lastly, prime real estate was allocated to a contemporary, tech-enabled employee lounge. This amenity, with views to the U.S. Capitol, is the physical embodiment of a corporate philosophy that celebrates people as any organization’s greatest asset.

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Washington D.C.


OTJ Architects

Square Footage

38,000 sf


2019 IIDA Merit Award