DFS Construction Corporation was founded on the singular principle of being the most responsible construction choice available to our clients. DFS is recognized as a Top 25 Interior Construction Company by Washington Business Journal. Capitalizing on their extensive experience, DFS team members are able to address the unique characteristics inherent in each project. Our project teams’ experience spans both public and private sector projects, containing elements of structural modification, specialized systems and finishes, secure facilities, building system upgrades, and 3rd party vendor integration.


Exceeding our client’s expectations begins with comprehensive planning. DFS’ planning extends beyond the traditional bid-buy relationship. Capitalizing on our preconstruction team’s experience of more than 70 million square feet, DFS is able to capture the greatest market value. DFS works with our clients from conceptual budgeting, logistics planning and preliminary scheduling through the subcontractor qualification, bidding and the establishment of a GMP. Our approach incorporates:


  • Unit Cost Indexing
  • Test Fit and Conceptual Budgeting
  • Cost at Bid vs. Completion Analysis
  • Market Cost Trending


  • Project Scheduling
  • Integrated Phasing and Delivery Plans

Value Engineering

  • Material Lead Time Evaluation
  • Site Survey and Verification
  • Value Added Assessment
  • Alternate Material Assessment

Preliminary Quality Control

  • Subcontractor Qualification
  • Trade Scope Analysis (Comparative Inclusion)
  • Comparative System Appraisals
  • Electronic Drawing Management and Take Off


It is through vigilant attention to detail that DFS Construction is able to deliver the highest quality projects to our clients. Our full-time site supervision, principal involvement, and experienced management teams assure that our continuous quality control and safety programs are carried out.


  • Expedited Close-Out
  • Project Master Scheduling and Executive Summaries
  • Integrated Logistic and Delivery Plans
  • SIPS (Short Interval Production Schedule)
  • Progress Reporting
  • Weekly OAC Meetings

Site Management

  • On-Site Communication
  • Vigilant Housekeeping
  • Mandatory Safety Program

Cost Management

  • Real Time Allowance Tracking
  • Proactive Change Mitigation
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Maximize Labor Efficiencies

Quality Control

  • Existing Conditions Survey
  • Impact Reduction Analysis
  • Insuring Compliance with Standards of Material and Workmanship


Sustainability has become integral to the fabric of construction.  The efficiency and knowledge with which DFS is able to deliver LEED and “Responsible Practices” projects set us apart.  DFS has integrated sustainable practices into all of our projects, including construction air quality management, waste management, and material evaluation. Our team’s LEED experience and LEED APs extend to the Principal level. With LEED project experience extending back to 2001 and the knowledge gained through the delivery of numerous LEED projects, DFS is able to provide our clients a proactive approach to their projects incorporating measurement and verification tools from preconstruction through final delivery and submission. How do we do this?

LEED Documentation

  • Expedited Project Documentation
  • Integrated Material Submittal Process
  • Site Documentation


  • Credit Cost Forecasting
  • Trade, Staff and Client Education/Orientation
  • Subcontractor Orientation Sessions
  • Third Party Vendor Coordination

Sustainability Concept Planning

  • Waste Management Plan Integration
  • Building Reuse
  • Construction IAQ Management Plan
  • Construction Activity Pollution Prevention

Renewable Energy

  • First-cost Evaluation for Life Cycle Analysis
  • Optimize Energy Performance
  • Renewable Materiality