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After seeing the final product of Author Incubator’s new classroom, café, library, and lobby, one would be hard pressed to find any resemblance to the lime green themed bank offices from which the space emerged. The tenant requested a “Harry Potter” inspired theme, which created some fun challenges when building the space. The first challenge was constructing the stacks of whimsical, floating books. To achieve this, we purchased boxes of hand selected books with specific binding colors and had a sculptor assemble the books in various positions along string run from the ceiling to the platform below. Additionally, we had the sculptor make a custom ceiling with books suspended in various positions.

Perhaps the most unique detail of the whole project was the faux stone custom paint on the walls in the elevator lobby, hallway, and the east wall of the library. Finding someone who could accomplish this was the first challenge. We located a painter from Argentina, who specializes in painting faux wood, leather, and stone to hand paint each of those sections with painstaking detail. At the end of the endeavor, the client, liking the result so much, requested that an additional area get added to the scope. We had to convince the painter to postpone his return trip to Argentina in order to complete the added scope for us.

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