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Primed at the intersection of a high efficiency workplace and an intimate performance venue, the design of the RIAA headquarters centers on a double-height mezzanine-level stage, complete with lighting and audiovisual capabilities to rival many of the city’s most sought-after music halls. The space’s 70-person seating capacity is comprised of rapidly reconfigurable furniture solutions, a custom plywood bleacher that doubles as a volumetric staircase, and high-top tables located on the third-floor balcony. The C-suite, located on the third floor and directly above the stage, also commands panoramic views of the performance space. The remainder of the program features open workstations, glass-fronted offices, and an array of conference rooms equally suited to small group brainstorms or full board gatherings, as well as a dedicated, state-of-the-art recording studio.

Like team, the RIAA recognizes that the physical space can act as a powerful tool to communicate and amplify an organization’s mission. Accordingly, our design team approached this project from the perspective of a guided visitor experience and identified a sequence of critical locations where bold graphics, industry memorabilia, and oversized prints would both enhance the space and telegraph the RIAA’s prominence in the annals of contemporary music. Lastly, the design’s restrained, monochromatic palette is energized by a rotating lighting display that imbues the space with vibrant, alternating hues.

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Recording Industry Association of America


Washington D.C.


OTJ Architects

Square Footage

20,000 sf


2021 IIDA MAC Corporate Award (15k-25k)

2020 NAIOP Award of Excellence