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The building takes its name from the marketing firm that bought it; Reingold. The site is located on Duke Street, in Old Alexandria, which is a very historic and picturesque part of Virginia. Image is obviously paramount in construction, for all parties involved. We felt that the importance of image was being elevated given the historic location, coupled with a marketing firm as a client. The challenge on this project was to strike a balance between the older rustic feel of Old Alexandria, and the energetic and sleek look reflective of a marketing firm. Regarding this, DFS did a tremendous job in transforming the historic building into a completely new experience inside and out. Most of the partitions, perimeter windows, and electrical items were demolished throughout the space in order to start with a blank canvas. The most incapsulating part of this canvas is the first floor.

Originally this first floor area was an existing garage that extended throughout the space. The initial process to transform this area began with the demolition of existing walls and pouring of concrete in order to start with a blank slab. From there, new partitions, carpet, tile and windows at the façade of the building were installed. What was once an empty garage quickly evolved into a very welcoming entryway with an impressive lobby aesthetic. This lobby, coupled with elegant conference rooms, heated tile floor system, a cozy pantry area, and high-end bathrooms has turned what was once a derelict parking lot into a stunning corporate headquarters. The importance of the first floor is clear, as it provides patrons and passerby’s alike with some insight into what to expect throughout the space.

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Alexandria, VA


Jon Hensley

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